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5/22 Formation Committee Meeting

Find attached the agenda and attachments for the Isla Vista Community Services District Policy Committee on May 22nd, 2017. The Formation Committee meeting will be at 10:00am in the Community Conference Room at 970 Embarcadero Del Mar, behind Naan Stop.

The Formation Committee will be discussing:

1. Consider Request for Proposals for a General Manager, approve and return to the Board of Directors for final approval, prior to its release.
2. Consider Request for Proposals for legal services, approve and return to the Board of Directors for final approval, prior to its release.
3. Discuss accounting services for the district. Review revised draft memorandum of agreement between the IVCSD and County Auditor. Approve and return to the Board of Directors for final approval or submit to the Board President for execution of the agreement. See GC Section 61052
4. Review procedures for making Deposits to the County Treasury. Approve and return to the District Board. Request the District Board assign a Director as contact for Treasury Services. (Treasury has requested the District provide mail address, contact name, contact phone number and contact email).
5. Review procedures for initiating and approving accounting entries in the County Accounting System FIN. Request the District Board assign a Director as contact for Accounting services and to initiate accounting entries. Request the District Board authorize the President to approve the accounting entries. See GC 61052
6. Consider solicitation for information from Alliant Insurance in order to file applications for pricing and services. Receive oral report from director Geis’s conversation with Alliant. Authorize Director Geis to contact Golden State Risk Management Pool (a pooled risk management authority) to seek insurance coverage. See GC Section 61060 (k). Report out to the Board of Directors recommendations to obtain insurance.
7. Continue discussion of strategies to raise revenues to fund IVCSD operations as outlined in the document Strategies for Revenue for the IVCSD. Contact and secure donations for the District. See GC Section 61116
8. Continue to discuss, design and approve a format for a document to guide the work of the Formation Commission. The goal is to construct a document that assists the Directors of the CSD to use the powers and procedures provided by the Community Services District Law to meet the diversity of the Isla Vista area local conditions, circumstances, and its resources. See GC Sections 61000-61250
9. Discuss Formation Committee Directors availability for scheduled regular meeting dates of every second and fourth Monday at 10:00, 970 Embarcadaro Del Mar, discuss meeting room availability. Consider the cancellation of certain regular meetings. Consider setting special meetings.
10. Suggestions of agenda items for the next formation committee meeting.
11. Consider a work plan to expand the District intern program. Returned to the Board of Directors 5/16/17 to discuss the work plan in order to be prepared for the summer quarter at UCSB. Board actions included to pursue request for funding by President, decision to request three interns for summer quarter, contact Political Science department to initiate recruitment. Consider any additional actions for summer quarter. Begin discussion of continuation of the program for the fall quarter. See GC Section 61060

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The next Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for June 6, 2017, at 6:00 PM in the Community Room, 970 Embarcadero del Mar.

This is not an official communication of the Isla Vista Community Services District, this information is being distributed by the Isla Vista Self Governance Initiative.

Thank you and hope to see you at the board meeting! We encourage full public participation in our newly found self governance.