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4/25 Formation Committee Meeting

The Formation Committee will be discussing:


1. Meet and greet (Name) the intern assigned to Director Brandt if he is able to attend the formation committee meeting.

2. Discuss strategy and potential funding options for office space in the Community Health Building.

3. Discuss, design and approve a format for a document to guide the work of the Formation Commission. The goal is to construct a document that assists the Directors of the CSD to use the powers and procedures provided by the Community Services District Law to meet the diversity of the Isla Vista area local conditions, circumstances, and its resources.

4. Receive a presentation form IVCDC on the mission and goals of the IVCDC and their role in support of IVCSD.

5. Continue discussion of a plan to solicit donations to fund IVCSD operations as outlined in the document Strategies for Revenue for the IVCSD. Discuss and compile a list of foundations, non-profits, businesses and individuals in order to systematically contact and secure donations for the District.

6. Receive update on assignment of fund number and structure for Deposits to the County Treasury. Discuss potentially assigning a District Board member to do some basic accounting such as making Treasury deposits.

7. Consider the issue: Reorganization of the Formation committee from standing committee to an ad hoc committee.

8. Set dates for meetings of the formation committee through June 30. Original schedule May 5, May 19, June 9, June 23.


Earlier Event: April 13
4/13 Formation Committee Meeting
Later Event: May 9
5/9 Formation Committee Meeting