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4/24 Policy Committee Meeting

Find attached the agenda and attachments for the Isla Vista Community Services District Policy Committee and Formation Committees on April 24th, 2017 and April 25th, 2017 respectively. The Policy Committee meeting will be at 6:30pm in the Community Conference Room at 970 Embarcadero Del Mar, behind Naan Stop and Formation Committee will be at 10am in the same location.


The Policy Committee will be discussing:


1. Review Draft Policy Manual (Ethan, Spencer)

2. Re-Consider Striking the Word “Slanderous” From Decorum Policy (George, Natalie, Public)

3. Consider Enacting Policy on Adding Items to Board Meeting Agendas (Jay)

4. Review Policy on Representation of the District at External Events and Meetings (Spencer)

5. Consider Replacing our Policies on Board Meetings with “Robert’s Rules of Order” (Public)

6. Consider Recommendations on Meeting Procedures and Operational Policies (Standing)


Earlier Event: April 10
4/10 Policy Committee Meeting
Later Event: May 8
5/8 Policy Committee Meeting